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Broken Garage Door Springs

When a garage door spring goes out, it goes out with a bang. Literally. If you hear this deafening bang or crack, you may know that the necessity for garage door spring repair is not far away. Luckily, at Classic Garage Doors, we can provide you with prompt emergency service for a fraction of the cost.
Torsion and Extension Springs
Torsion and extension springs run along either the upper torsion bar or the right and left door tracks; they stretch and extend to pull the garage door open and closed. If your garage door’s torsion or extension spring breaks, you may find yourself unable to open your garage door to leave for work.
Take one look at your garage door springs and you will quickly see that it is the most important and most stressed part of your garage door. The torsion or extension springs are the reason your garage door is able to open and close. Constant wear and tear contributes to malfunctioning and broken garage door springs in your Cleveland home .
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Same-Day or Next-Day Service for Emergencies
At Classic Garage Doors, we realize that a broken spring is an emergency . Offering fast and friendly service, we can be there promptly to repair broken garage door springs. Our quality work paired with our honest and upfront pricing are two reasons why we’ve maintained such a great reputation for over 25 years.
Spring Repair Can Be a Dangerous DIY Project
Repair of garage door extension springs requires as much caution as garage door spring replacement for torsion springs. Since the springs are under high tension, homeowners can be seriously injured during a garage door spring repair. You should be sure that you are confident in your ability to replace your garage door springs before attempting a repair . If you are in doubt about your ability, trust our experienced technicians at Classic Garage Doors to perform your garage door spring replacement.
Let us Handle Your Garage Door Spring Repair!
At Classic Garage Doors, we have been performing garage door extension spring repairs since 1987. Offering quality garage door parts at affordable prices, our garage door company is committed to providing excellent, reliable, and prompt customer service, installation, and repairs .
Classic Garage Doors offers premium garage door installation, repair and services throughout Cleveland and surrounding areas.
Spring Repairs
Torsion and extension springs stretch and extend to pull your garage door open and closed. Eventually, the stress and pressure of this action causes them to break, typically with a deafening bang. If your garage door’s torsion or extension springs break, you may find yourself unable to open or close your garage door. Classic Garage Doors can repair your garage door spring!
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Emergency Garage Repair
When you have a broken garage door spring, it’s not just an inconvenience; it’s a danger to you and your family. That’s why the friendly, prompt expert technicians at Classic Garage Doors will come to your home the same day or the next. Contact Classic Garage Doors now and get fast repairs that are guaranteed to repair your broken garage door spring correctly the first time.
Torsion and Extension Springs
Torsion and extension springs open and close your garage door , but they are slightly different. Torsion springs are mounted on a stationary shaft on top of the garage door frame. Extension springs, also known as side-mounted springs, are long, heavy springs mounted on each side of the upper garage door track. Both of these springs are under an incredible amount of stress and pressure that can be dangerous if repaired incorrectly.
Though you may be tempted to do a DIY repair to your garage door, repairing broken springs is a dangerous project. Since the springs are under high tension, homeowners can be seriously or fatally injured if they are unfamiliar with the repair . Please trust our experienced technicians to perform your garage door spring replacement. That way, you can stay safe while the experts at Classic Garage Doors repair the broken garage door spring in your Cleveland home.
Garage Door Adjustment Service
At Classic Garage Doors, we’ve been performing garage door spring adjustments and repairs throughout Cleveland and surrounding areas since 1987. Count on our expert technicians to arrive on time and provide quality garage door installation and repairs. As a family-owned business, we are committed to competitive pricing and take personal pride in our work. Contact Classic Garage Doors for help with your garage today!

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Same-Day Broken Garage Spring Repair
At Classic Garage Doors, our emergency repair service means same-day or next-day service to fix a broken spring. Our fast and friendly service guarantees the work will be done right the first time!
Fixing garage doors by yourself can be dangerous and result in serious or even fatal injury if you are not familiar with repairing a spring. If you suspect your garage door spring is malfunctioning, let the experts at Classic Garage Doors take care of your garage door spring adjustment.
Your life might depend on it!
Garage Door Spring Replacement: Is it a DIY Task?
Some homeowners may try to tackle this job single-handedly in an attempt to lessen garage door spring replacement costs. If you plan to perform a torsion spring replacement or repair yourself, be sure that you are knowledgeable about the risks involved and that you are confident in your ability to perform a spring repair successfully. With springs that exert up to 500 pounds of force when extended, homeowners can be seriously injured or killed if the spring replacement is not handled correctly.
How Does a Torsion Spring Work?
Your garage door is held up by a torsion spring attached to cables mounted on the side of the door. These cables are manipulated by pulleys which wind the spring and close the garage door. The tension maintained by your garage door springs is key, as the proper tension is one of the elements that keeps your garage door opening and closing smoothly.
However, the force exerted by this tension can cause serious danger for a homeowner trying to replace the springs him or herself. Since torsion springs must be repaired while the door is closed and the springs are under tension, there may be risk of bodily injury. If you are not comfortable replacing your garage door springs yourself, please see a professional at Classic Garage Doors for cost effective garage door spring replacement.
Professional Garage
Risks aside, we have been in this business for a long time. Offering fast and friendly service, high quality garage door parts, and reliable warranties, we get the job done right the first time!
Classic Garage Doors offers premium door products, installation, and repair services throughout Cleveland and surrounding areas.

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